Grace and Law

Churches face legal issues. Whether you’re just starting, or merging your congregational life, we’re here to help. Our documents will help your congregation in one of the most important years of its life.

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The First Year For Church Plants

Our Goal Is To Give You All The Legal Documents Your Small Church Needs To Launch In The First Year. Articles, Bylaws, 501(C)(3) Status, And More.

A Banner Year For Merge | Replant

Is Your Church Merging, Relaunching, Or Replanting? We Can Give You A Plan To Minimize Conflict And Maximize Success.

What We Can Help With

We understand that navigating legal matters can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Grace and Law provides reliable, tailored solutions for your church.

Whether you’re brand new, joining forces with another congregation, or winding up, we are here to help churches achieve their goals and comply with the law.


Legal jargon is confusing. Don’t waste time getting to the starting line. We can get you set up in a flash.


We’ve helped hundreds of churches. Our affordable document packages distill years of experience, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Tax Exempt Application

Set up the right way, and make your 501(c)(3) recognition easier than ever.

Connect with a lawyer

Need something more complex? We can put you in touch with lawyers who can customize our documents to fit your situation.


First Year Help

We’ve helped hundreds of churches through their first year. Our document packages are designed to give you the documents you need for your first year.

And if you want, we can help you apply for your own, independent tax exemption recognition letter from the IRS and state authorities. All for an affordable price.

Plant a New Church

$ 1000
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Dissolution Clause
  • Constitution and/or Bylaws
  • Lease or Purchase Agreement
  • Statement of Faith
  • SBC: Cooperative Program ID
  • EIN
  • Bank Resolution
  • Ministerial Housing Allowance approval
  • First Year Policies

501(c)(3) Tax Exemption

$ 2500
  • Independent: doesn’t rely on denominational group exemption letters (Southern Baptist Convention, etc.)
  • Sometimes required by large donors, and easier to work with states. 
  • Review of Governing Documents
  • Articles that include IRS recommended Purpose and Dissolution Clauses.
  • Religious Liberty protection provisions.
  • Sample Conflict of Interests policy that complies with IRS recommendations. 
  • Assistance in describing your church activities. 
  • Review of budget and financial projections. 
  • Information ready to be input into IRS Form 1023. 
  • Does not include IRS Application Fee (up to $700) or expedite fee (if necessary). 

Merge | Replant

$ 3000
  • Discussion and Issue checklists for both churches
  • Motions / Authorizations for both churches 
  • New Articles of Incorporation with name change if necessary
  • IRS-recommended Dissolution Clause
  • New Constitution and/or Bylaws
  • Asset Purchase / Transfer Agreement. Statement of Faith
  • SBC: Update Cooperative Program ID
  • Notice to IRS concerning EIN 
  • Updated Bank Resolution for financial accounts
  • First Year Policies