Who We Are

We are believers with a passion for assisting fellow brothers in Christ in creating a church or non-profit. Our goal is to set up those brothers with the information and means to have a strong foundation.

Our Goal:

Helping your church with the most important year of its life.

Our Legal Advisor

Jon Whitehead - A Trusted Guide at the Intersection of Law & Faith

Are you leading a church through complex legal waters?

Our services were designed in consultation with Jonathan R. Whitehead, an attorney with deep experience with the legal issues facing today’s churches and congregations.

A Rare Blend of Passion and Polity

Jon has walked alongside congregations, helping them navigate the law with ease. His experience is rare:

  • Counsel in landmark Supreme Court cases like Trinity Lutheran and Carson.
  • A religious freedom defender for churches, in courtrooms and beyond.
  • A trusted advisor for churches and denominations on church governance and compliance issues.

More Than Just an Attorney

Jon’s passion extends beyond the courtroom:

  • He’s a voice for religious groups, filing crucial amicus briefs.
  • A fighter for faith-based business owners, challenging unjust laws like the Obamacare mandate.
  • Recognized by peers as a leader, including Missouri Lawyer’s Weekly’s “Influential Appellate Advocate” award.

Educator and Leader

His credentials are impressive:

  • Graduate of Harvard Law School, and Blackstone Fellow.
  • Trustee of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the SBC.
  • A frequent guest at nationally recognized Law and Religious Freedom Conferences.

Ready to navigate legal challenges with confidence?

Connect with Jon Whitehead today. By following our process, you’ll benefit from Jon’s experience.

Jonathan Whitehead